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2 or 3-$4.50 
4 or 5 $5.00 
6 or 7-$5.50 
8 or more-$6.00

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SS=Still Sealed *-Import M-Mint VG-Very Good PS-Picture Sleeve CDs Label Artist & Title Price Wave Randy Matthews "The Edge of Flight" 90 3.00 Light Resurrection Band "Colours" 91 2.00 Grrr Rez "Reach of Love" 93 2.00 Blonde Vinyl Acoustic Shack "self titled" 91 4.00 Broken Acoustic Shack "Fret Buzz" 93 4.00 BMG Silencers 4 song sampler w/"Bulletproof Heart" 5.00 Columbia Bob Dylan 4 song sampler from "Good As I Been..." 6.00 New Breed Godsent Humans "Liberty or Death" 92 semi-punk 6.00 Tooth & Nail Havalina Rail Co s/t SS 9.00 " " Starflyer 59 s/t 7.00 SS 9.00 Word John Schlitt "Unfit For Swine" advance release '96 2.00 Gray Dot Age of Faith "Embrace" w/balloon! 96 6.00 ACM ACM Journal #2 19 bands! 91 SS copy 15.00 Benson JAG "Fire in the Temple" CCM/Rock 92 4.00 Benson JAG "The Only World in Town" rock 91 4.00 Star Song Novella "A Liquid Earth" 92 5.00 Examino Loren Sanford & the New Song Worship Band-"A Drink of You" P&W band from WA 97 w/lyrics and nice press kit 3.00 Gotee Jennifer Knapp "Kansas" 97 singer/songwriter style 5.00 Rowe Ultimatum "Puppet of Destruction" thrash? 98 no Jewel box 11.00 Glasshouse Ric Alba "Holes in the Floor of Heaven" 91 7.00 Tooth and Nail Don't Know "Coodly P. Ramaswami Memorial Cheescake" EP 95 2.00 Core Vigilantes of Love "Driving The Nails" americana/roots 7.00 Rock Inpop Beanbag "Free Signal" 99 5.00 Glasshouse The Throes "Fall On Your World" alt pop 93 7.00 Rode Dog The Throes "12 Before 9" alt pop 95 7.00 Jackson Rubio The Merbabies "s/t" alt rock 97 cut out 4.00 Audience JiB Jason Ingram Band pop rock 98 4.00 Brainstorm Spud Puddle "Linoleum" alt rock 96 4.00 Furious? Delirious? "Glo" '00 5.00 Sparrow Coram Deo II People of Praise various artists 1.00 C. Peacock, Out of the Grey, etc '93 Forefront Smalltown Poets s/t 97 4.00 Forefront Seven Day Jesus s/t 97 4.00 Tattoo Between Thieves “Water” 98 4.00 Tattoo CD Sampler Christine Glass & Between Thieves 97 2.00 S & G Mark Krischak "Generation XXX" SS 8.00 Crossroads VA "Crossroads Collection 95 2.00 45s/7"/12" Elektra The Call 12 " "I Still Believe"LP vers/"I Still Believe"edit 86 2.00 Bogus Upside Down Room "Change/Killing Time" 93 3.00 M/M Rooftop Records Servant "Cog in the Wheel"/"Tree Planter Stomp" 82 M-/M- 1.00 CASSETTES Not Silent Frank's Enemy "Qoheleth" thrash 93 5.00 Liberation Robert Deeble "Songs From the Sabbatical" folk rock SS 89 4.00 *I collect radio shows on cass-have any? I have some to trade… FREE CASSETTES! (you must pay postage) Reunion Michael Peace "Vigilante of Hope" 89 Broken Uthanda "Groove" 91 Sparrow New Music Cassette Single Winans/Becker/SCChapman SS 3 songs 87? SS some really obscure zines FREE! (must pay postage) more I go through the archive...
Radicals for Christ T-shirt says "Repent or Die-Way of Life" blue w/ 
white lettering Hanes Beefy-T 100% cotton size XL very nice 12.00 

Album Flats: 
ETW (End Time Warriors) "PsychotheoSocioGhettoPathic(the Escape)" 
Big Tent Revival "Open All Night" 
Crystal Lewis "Beauty For Ashes" (glossy) 
Seltzer: Modern Rock to Settle Your Soul 
Church of Rhythm 
Charlie Daniels "Steel Witness" 
Unity Klan (glossy) 
Eternal Tribe "Up on a Mission" 
The W's "Fourth From the Last"  
Basix "Illuminate"
75 cents each 

Album Flats one-sided:  
Bryan Duncan "Holy Rollin" 
Rob Frazier "This Town" 
Kyle Henderson "More than the Look of Love" 
Allies "Virtues" 
25 cents each

PFR "Disappear" 2ft X 3ft $2.00 
Steven Curtis Chapman "Signs of Life" 2ft X 2ft giant pic of SCC $2.00 
Steven Curtis Chapman "Signs of Life" 3ft X 1ft two-sided card- 
board fold out poster w/many pic of SCC $1.00 
Crystal Lewis "Beauty for Ashes" 2.5ft X 2ft very nice, very glossy! $2.00 
Charlie Peacock/Sarah Masen two-sided cardboard fold out to 
promote one point oh 2ft X 3ft 2.00 
Charlie Peacock "In the Light" best of 1ft X 2ft diff pics of Charlie $1.00 
Crystal Lewis "Beauty for Ashes" 2.5ft X 3ft fold out cardboard glossy! $1.00 
Church of Rhythm 1ft X 1.5ft .75 
Three Crosses "Jefferson Street" 2ft X 1.5ft $1.00 
Jars of Clay 2ft X 1.5ft $2.00 
Zao 2-sided 1ft X 1 1/2f t(2 copies) $1.00 
Tree 63 1ft X 2ft (2 copies) $1.00 


Visions of Gray $1 each

Whitecross May 93
Over the Rhine June 93
The Choir July 93
Sixpence Sept 93
Lost Dogs Oct 93
Vince Ebo Feb 94  
May 94 Mortal 
Michael Been(Special I.S.Fest Edition)Sept 94 
Randy Stonehill Oct 94 
Scaterd Few Nov 94
Velocipede Dec 94   
Luxury Feb 95
Mike Roe March 95
Larry Norman April 95
Sixpence July 95
The Road-Bands in peril/Love Coma Aug 95  

Nov 95 "The Year Folk Broke" 2.00 each
" ? 94 Vigilantes of Love 
" ? 94 D.I.Y. Ethic